God IS Love

Do you think God is mean?

He’s not! He’s loving! The Bible doesn’t say that God has a “loving characteristic,” but instead that “God IS love”! (see 1 John 4:16). Let me repeat that:


He created “all of this” because HE IS LOVE!

It’s what He IS – NOT SIMPLY A PART OF HIM. That’s why He sent Jesus so that your sins can be forgiven, FOR FREE.

Let me back up a step here, some might say, “If God is so loving, then why is there a hell?” That answer took me a while to understand, but hell is simply a place that is reserved for those who reject Christ’s forgiveness. There is a hell because of the OPTION of sin.

Why is there an option of sin? We HAVE to have the option of sin, so that we can have FREE WILL. And we need FREE WILL so that we can CHOOSE to love God. Without free will, we would be robots. God had no interest in creating robots. He wanted to make us, so that we could have an eternal relationship with Him…. So, he HAD to make the option of “sin”.

But because God is perfect, He can have nothing to do with sin. BUT, sin MUST be an option for us to be able to KEEP our free will. The Achilles Heal is that IF WE SIN JUST ONCE, we can’t be in God’s presence; this is why heaven is so amazing, it’s because of the complete absence of sin. So to even up our ledger with God, our sins HAVE to be paid for, by someone…


Jesus is not just your JUDGE, but He is also your SAVIOR.

Imagine if you were sitting in court because of a crime you committed. You know you’re guilty. The judge sentences you to pay a huge fine. THEN, the judge stands up, pulls out his wallet, AND PAYS FOR YOUR FINE!



Because He loves you!

So if this is true, and God is so loving, then why are so many people afraid of Him? Why do so many think He’s cruel? That’s a simple answer as well:

So many people don’t understand how loving God is because Christians, who don’t have a “Christ like” love in them, ATTEMPT to represent Him. More people would come to know God if we represented His true character, better. And if WE, as Christians, don’t understand this “love” that God “is”, then WE can’t properly display it for others to see or WANT for themselves.

So how do we fix this? Oh my goodness this is simple too:

We get to know Jesus deeper, daily, personally!

Once we TRULY understand just how much Christ loves us, THEN we can give this PROPER love away – AND THIS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL! If you can’t GRASP THIS, THEN YOU CAN’T GRASP GOD’S LOVE FOR YOU! Once you understand just how dependent YOU are on this love, then you can love others in the same way that Jesus loves you! I speak from experience!

Man’s unloving “religion” has made God’s love unattainable! It has made Christ’s free gift an impossible-to-reach dangling carrot! STOP THAT! GRACE has made it free! GRACE has made it ready to have IMMEDIATE access to!

Now, the legalistic people who honestly believe they have earned God’s love through their actions won’t like this. They’ll accuse me of peddling an “anything goes” Christianity. That’s not what I’m doing. I want people to know that we are INFINITELY LOVED, no matter our behavior, however, God does still want you to CHOOSE to live how He wants you to.

Paul said it best, “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial,” (see 1 Cor 10). SO YES! GOD WANTS YOU TO MAKE GOOD CHOICES BASED ON HIS TRUTH! EVEN TO THE POINT OF HURTING SEVERELY! But, He loves you no matter what. And that love WAS, and IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE, free, by grace, though faith…. UN-earnable. FINISHED, by Christ on the Cross.

So today my friends know this: God is not mean. He is LOVE. Try to renew your mind by studying the life of Christ and your entire life will change because you’ll understand God’s love. God’s love for you IS Jesus. Whether you’ve been a Christian for 50 years, or you are just now deciding to become one, LOVE is what you need to understand more than anything else. If you can get love down, deep inside you, REAL love, Christ-like love, then you can do the same things Jesus did. That’s why God made you.

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