How Is Your Mouth?

Have you learned to control your mouth?

It took me FOREVER to learn how to do this; and I COULDN’T do it, on my own. It wasn’t until I came to know Christ closely that He taught me just how EXTREMELY IMPORTANT my words actually were.

For years, I was a Christian who couldn’t give a rip about what I said. I’d be the first to slam someone on Facebook, completely dishonoring them. I’d also be the first person to say something negative about my situation, or jump in on a conversation where someone was getting verbally destroyed.


I’d gossip a lot, I’d poke fun at others with no regard, I curse left and right, and not think twice about it. I WAS A SLAVE TO MY MOUTH. OH, and if you wanted to get into an argument with me…. brace yourself… I was one of the best when it came to insults and verbalizing “what all is wrong with YOU.”

My problem was, AS A CHRISTIAN, I didn’t control my mouth. Instead, my mouth controlled ME, and my life. And the reason why I DIDN’T control my mouth was because I had ZERO respect for Jesus.

God had given me a gift of creativity with my words and I wasn’t using them for Him… I was using them for the devil, and I didn’t realize that. I had TONS of excuses as to “why” I said the things I said, and I had MANY people to blame for why MY mouth was out of control…. God wanted to change that.


Simple: By me getting to know Jesus, personally, daily.

If you’re ever going to learn how to control your mouth, you have to understand Jesus’ personality and how HE spoke.

As I’ve come to know Christ more and more, through His Word, He has taught me how to use MY words for GOOD things! He has taught me that my TRUE STRENGTH comes from NOT blabbing my mouth, but instead, CONTROLLING it, and then using it for love, NOT retaliating, and showing others that you don’t HAVE to have a firehose of negativity coming from your face.

Jesus teaches you self control… SELF… control. This includes your words. I’ve allowed Him to teach me how to WATCH what I say, and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to what comes out of my mouth! At first, this was like trying to cage a wild animal. But little by little I’ve become the man that I am today.

So today my friends, don’t be like I used to be, don’t take so long to allow Christ to get your mouth under control; instead, BEGIN TODAY! Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your words, and speak THROUGH you. You can do it! You can do ALL THINGS through Christ, including SPEAKING like He does!

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