How To Become Like Jesus

I’m going to say something right now that will INFURIATE legalistic Christians; although that’s not my goal, so be it. Here it goes:

None of us can be perfe1-12705790_1570098793315857_605603698656922003_nct as long as we are alive. The day you become completely perfect in thought, word, or deed… YOU WILL NO LONGER NEED JESUS.

With that being said, if we CAN’T be perfect, then what is our purpose for living? That answer is very simple: To become like Christ.

But if we can’t be perfect, then how do we become like Christ? That answer has been misconstrued terribly by legalistic, unloving, graceless Christians – BUT, it is very simple as well:

We become like Christ…. little by little…. little by little. This process will not be finished until you are pushing up daisies.

Day by day, we BECOME more like Jesus. Day by day… day by day… This is why we must be patient with ourselves (and others) and always remember that completing the task of Christ-like perfection will not end on this side of heaven. So we should never be harder on ourselves than even God is. We WILL mess up, even as Christ-loving, born-again believers.

Now, the legalistic Christian community will be seriously ticked off that I say this. Why? Because they find their identity in what they do and don’t do – their works. They have ZERO grace, and they have a disguising, CONDITIONAL, RELIGIOUS love. What’s most sad is that the very same grace and love they are against, they too, will soon need.


Nope. Not at all. I’m not against the truth. Jesus spoke truth WITH love, 50/50. That’s what I’m doing as well. We must have our scales calibrated evenly with BOTH, truth and love. If we ONLY have truth, then yes, you will change your life, but for the wrong reasons. If we ONLY have love, then we will never change our lives because we won’t allow God to convict us of sin… So we must have both truth and love, gracefully, evenly. Like Jesus.

Jesus said, “Be perfect,” (Matthew 5:48). So that SHOULD be our goal, although we must understand this perfection, PHYSICALLY, will not be complete while you breathe. SPIRITUALLY? YEP! YOU ARE PERFECT!… But only because of what Jesus did FOR you. You didn’t earn that. It was free for your taking.

So today my friends, please do this: Do your best to be like Jesus, little by little, BUT BE EASY ON YOURSELF. Rather than get upset because you keep failing, REST IN GRACE, BRING IT TO GOD, GROW, AND TRY AGAIN! NEVER STOP TRYING AGAIN UNTIL YOU MEET HIM FACE TO FACE!

Then on that day you WILL become completely perfect, but only because you will no longer need Him. Why won’t you need Him?… Because you will be ONE with Him, forever in heaven.

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