How To Overcome The Attacks Of Christians

“For Christ has already accomplished the purpose for which the law was given. As a result, all who believe in him are made right with God.

Romans 10:4

The gospel literally means, “good news.” It is meant to free us from all our bondages. Rather it be an addiction, constant fear and anxiety, codependency, greed, or never-ending religious works of attempting to achieve status with God–the good news about what Jesus has done for you is meant to give you rest (see Matthew 11:28), not create more rules to follow.

However, after you accept this gift from God, some Christians will want you to stay in a state of panic–as if you can lose what God has already freely given to you. If you want to be attacked by this quasi-type of Christian, simply begin telling other Christians that they are completely forgiven once they place their faith in Jesus.

There are certain people who actually think they’ve done something, or that they are doing something, to stay in good standing with God–as if they are sustaining their salvation through their actions. They say things like, “You are wrong! There is more you gotta do than simply place your faith in Jesus! You can’t just believe that Jesus has forgiven you! God throws backsliders in the deepest parts of hell! You gotta live it out, just right, or it’s not real!” They want you to be like them, and nobody wants to be like them except for other Christians who like to have their ears tickled as the preacher strokes their self-righteous egos. 

These graceless Christians are still very lost, themselves, because they don’t understand what Jesus has really done for them. The very same unconditional grace which they are against, they too, will be in desperate need of when they stand before God. 

I get a lot of positive feedback from people who follow my ministry and read my books. It feels really good to hear what Christ is doing in the lives of those who realize just how valuable they are to Him! When they finally get to the point of…relaxing in His grace…(see Hebrews 4:11).

The good feedback far outweighs the bad, and the bad feedback usually comes from those who attempt make Jesus’ finalized work at the Cross conditional—as if you have to be in a special club to access it. For them, when I emphasize just how forgiven we truly are, it’s like lighting a powder-keg.

They become infuriated because they find their true identity in themselves—not in Christ. They honestly believe that what they do completes what He’s done—as if He couldn’t possibly do it without them. It’s sad. And right after they flip their lid, or become condescending, they usually begin to take Bible verses out of context in an effort to try to create fear. That, or to prove their own self-righteousness, because their legalism “matches up” with God’s Word.

But deep down, even they know they aren’t doing it all perfectly, and they know they can’t. This is why they get so aggressive. They are trying to prove to the world they are good, when all they really need to do is point to Jesus as being good in them. They ferociously want to convince others that they’ve done something, or are doing something themselves to achieve holiness, but their spirit is telling them, “It’s a big lie.” I understand this, because I used to do this.

Until you try to earn–or worse, sustain your salvation–through attempting to be 100% perfect in word, thought, and deed, you’ll never fully understand that you can’tTo get to this point, all you have to do is burn yourself out. The sooner you fall over in exhaustion, the better. Only then can Christ pick you up, nurse you back to health His way, and then fully work through you, in partnership…in an actual relationship.

But you gotta give up! You gotta realize that its all been free for you from the very beginning of your belief in Him! 

As for now, I’m willing to be misunderstood by a few people in order to help many, many more people, understand God’s love for them in Christ–which is 100% unconditional, unearnable, and once had, unlosable.

This is called grace.

If you can’t grasp grace, then you can’t grasp what Jesus has really done for you.

So today, my friends, know this: Even if certain Christians reject you, Jesus will never reject you! He has become one with your spirit! The first time you invited Him into your heart and believed He saved you from all your sins, He actually did! Even your future sins! So stop worrying about those too! Keep in mind, when Jesus died, all of your sins were in the future! So for the Christians who attack you because you stand on such a bold claim, what should you do about it?!…Love them. Think of them with the same love that Jesus thinks of you with. If you will do this, you will be positively altering the course of humanity forever, with your love. So love them! Love them, love them, love them.

A prayer for you: God, today I want to thank you for the revelation of your great love for me, which is found in Jesus. Thank you for teaching me that I’ve done nothing to get right with you, but Christ in me, is all the rightness I’ll ever need! Thank you for letting me know HE’S DONE EVERYTHING, FOR ME. Thank you for showing me that all I gotta do each day, is wake up, and let Him live THROUGH me—that’s it! Thank you for removing the legalistic mindset I had for far too long—a mindset of doing more and behaving differently to make sure you still loved me. It’s very freeing. Right now, I lift up all who are reading this, directly to you. For those who have been badly hurt by other Christians who don’t understand your grace, heal their souls. Let them know that was NOT you, but the people incorrectly attempting to represent you. And for the ones DOING the rejecting, please, give them a supernatural epiphany of just how great your love is for them—and then teach them how to give it away to everyone. In Christ’s name I pray these things, amen.

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