Stop Being Afraid


Are you facing an overwhelmingly difficult situation?

Are you tempted day and night to begin doing things your own way, instead of God’s?


Your time is coming! Don’t give in! God is NOT ignoring you, He’s still using this!

My friend, when you step out in faith, and STAND UP to your enemies and circumstances, how GOD wants you to, HE WILL USE YOU FOR GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS!

Just look at David and Goliath (see 1 Sam 17). An entire army was afraid of Goliath, but David stood up to him, IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!

Goliath chuckled at David, and what did David do? Did he run away? NO! HE SPRINTED TOWARDS HIM RATHER THAN TURN IN FEAR! He defeated Goliath while giving God ALL the credit, as tons of non-believers watched in amazement! God wants to do the same for you!

I know it’s difficult, I know the path ahead may look like it’s leading you to a dark place, BUT IT’S NOT! Just beyond this scary road, is VICTORY IN CHRIST!

He is walking with you! SO DON’T BE AFRAID! God wants you to face WHAT, or WHO, causes you so much trouble, and He wants you to do it how He sees fit!

SO RUN! GO! SPRINT TOWARDS YOUR TROUBLE WITH CONFIDENCE IN CHRIST! You’ve got it in you! You’ve got HIM in you – God, Himself, infused with your spirit! KEEP GOING! YOU ARE BEING USED BY GOD ON THIS PATH! -Matt

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