You Are Never Alone

Do you ever feel like nobody cares about you?

Or maybe it’s not so much that NOBODY cares about you, but certain people whom you would expect to care about you, do not. Or maybe you feel like nobody understands you and you don’t know how to express HOW you feel; so instead, you turn it inward, creating frustration and loneliness?

My friend, Jesus is on your side! You are never alone! He knows EXACTLY what you are going through and how you feel!

Also, because you’ve asked Him for His forgiveness, He stands up for you and represents you now! The Bible says that “He is at the right hand of God and is interceding for us” (see Romans 8:34).

Interceding means representing and taking our place! He comes before the Father and says, “I need this to happen for ____________. Don’t look at their sin, look at what I did for them at the Cross.”

Jesus is CONSTANTLY sticking up for you, seeing the best in you, and making GOOD THINGS happen! We just don’t understand some of the methods He uses because we don’t have His perspective.

Most of all, He KNOWS what you have on the inside. He SEES your potential because He placed it there! AND, He is WITH YOU, always! HE. IS. FOR. YOU!

So the next time the devil tries to convince you in your mind that nobody cares, or that you’re all alone, SMACK HIM IN THE FACE WITH THE WORD OF GOD! Tell him what Jesus said, “I am with you always, even until the end of time” (see Matt 28:20). Begin to use the Word of God as a WEAPON to overcome the devil’s tricks of self-pity, despair, frustration, and loneliness. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! Christ lives in you! Good things are heading your way! -Matt

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