Matt McMillen is a best selling Christian author and teacher of God’s Word. His books and massive social media ministry has taught countless amounts of people their true identity in Christ. Matt’s easy-to-understand biblical teachings have helped build confidence in his readers, break lifelong addictions, and find their true purpose for living: enjoying God’s grace through Jesus Christ!

Matt’s Books

I’ve written multiple books that have inspired and uplifted people all throughout the world.

In True Purpose in Jesus Christ, I talk about how to experience a change of heart and develop a powerful relationship with Jesus Christ. I draw on my own personal experiences of overcoming extreme fear and anxiety, debilitating addictions, and severe family struggles, in order to show you that change is possible when you are living your life with Jesus.

In 60 Days For Jesus, Volume 1, and 60 Days For Jesus, Volume 2you’ll find practical suggestions on how to break addictions, overcome legalism, and rest in the finished work of God’s grace through Jesus’ blood at the Cross. I will also help you learn how to heal broken relationships and dissolve unhealthy ones, all while discovering joy, confidence, and peace in living by God’s Spirit!

Here are some more highlights:

  • Learn how to understand just how secure your salvation is in Christ!
  • Learn how to overcome addictions by discovering your true identity in Christ!
  • Learn how to form healthy relationships by establishing boundaries!
  • Learn how to break free from legalism and works-based salvation!
  • Learn how to develop confidence in your God-given gifts!
  • Learn how to develop a personal ministry based on what you enjoy!
  • Learn how extremely special and unconditionally loved you are in Christ!
  • Learn how to allow God to not just help you get over your past, but to use it for your purpose!
  • Learn how to relax in God’s grace which will spur you on to do the most work you’ve ever done before, and for the right reasons!

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