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The Christian Identity, Volume 1 & 2: Discovering What Jesus Has Truly Done to Us

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The Christian Identity, Volume 2


This question is as old as the New Covenant itself. From the moment Christ died, all of humanity was given the opportunity to know God in a way unlike ever before. Jesus’ death

sealed the deal, but when He came back to life, every person on the planet now had the chance of God making His home inside of them—permanently.

By grace through faith in what Jesus did for our sins, we Christians get a brand new identity from the moment we first believe. No longer living by rules, wasteful efforts, or people-pleasing, we now live and breathe by way of a supernatural relationship with the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, religious hierarchies who extort Christians, our main enemy, Satan, and the power of sin, all want nothing more than for us to not know what the Cross has truly done. The spiritual identity of every believer has become heaven-ready! On the inside, we are currently brand new creations! Not when our physical bodies die, but right now, we are new!

My name is Matt McMillen, and over the next thirty days I’ll take you on a daily devotional adventure of discovering who you really are as a child of God. Christian, you will be amazed at what the Cross has done to your identity! Thanks for joining me! Let’s go!



60 Days for Jesus, Volume 1: Understanding Christ Better, Two Months at a Time

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Jesus can change your life instantly! However, getting to know Him takes time. My name is Matt McMillen. Allow me to take you on a daily devotional journey of getting to know Jesus deeper, 60 days at a time. Life can be extremely demanding, painful, and frustrating—but God wants to give you peace and confidence in the midst of all of your circumstances. How? By understanding your true identity in Christ!

Here are some highlights of our journey:

  • Learn how perfectly secure your salvation is in Christ!
  • Learn how to overcome addictions by discovering your true identity in Christ!
  • Learn how to form healthy relationships by establishing biblical boundaries!
  • Learn how to break free from legalism and works-based religion!
  • Learn how to develop confidence in your God-given gifts!
  • Learn how extremely special and unconditionally loved you are in Christ!


60 Days for Jesus, Volume 2: Understanding Christ Better, Two Months at a Time

Best Seller on Amazon!

Continue your 60-day devotional journey with Matt in Volume 2 of his bestselling book series!

Here are some highlights!

  • Can I lose my salvation?
  • How to defend yourself as a Christian
  • What do I do when I feel far from God?
  • How can I know God better?
  • How can I beat my addiction?
  • What should we be taught in church?


60 Days for Jesus, Volume 3: Understanding Christ Better, Two Months at a Time

Best Seller on Amazon!

The latest volume of Matt’s bestselling daily devotional series!

Here are some highlights!

  • How many times do I have to get saved?
  • What is the truth about God’s laws and commandments?
  • What is the truth about tithing?
  • How pain and suffering can be a good thing as a child of God
  • What is the truth about confessing your sins? What if I forget to confess some?
  • How can I develop my gifts for God, and then let Him use them to change the world?


True Purpose in Jesus Christ: Finding the Relationship for Which You Were Made

Matt’s First Book!

My life had no purpose. Although I had the American Dream all wrapped up by the age of 30, each day of my life seemed pointless, meaningless, and empty. Deep depression and anxiety began to overtake me, to change how I felt, I became addicted to many things. Who could possibly save me from my misery?!…Jesus.

No, I didn’t “get all religious” to fix my problems. Instead, I began to allow Jesus to live through me! As a Christian, He was already in me, I just had to let Him out!

By growing in the knowledge of God’s grace, as well as in my identity in Christ, my true purpose began. Now, I want to help you understand your true purpose as well! It’s Jesus!

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Learn how to let Jesus use your past for your purpose!
  • Find out why God created you in the first place!
  • Learn the difference between religion and relationship!
  • Learn how to fight back against people and the devil in the right way!
  • Break free from addictions by learning your true identity in Christ!
  • Learn how to develop and enjoy your God-given gifts!


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