Christians Are Dead To Laws, And Alive In Christ

“Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness to everyone who believes.”

Romans 10:4

I’ve been asking God to take me deeper in my relationship with Him, my actual prayer is “Lord, help me to know you on the deepest level possible. I want to go deeper.”

That type of prayer used to make me cringe because I knew He was going to pull something or someone out of my hand in order to get me to depend on Him, only. But now, He doesn’t really do that any more. Lots of difficult lessons have been learned, and now fine-tuning is taking place.

Since I’ve been asking to know Him deeper, the Holy Spirit has led me to learn more, and more, and more about laws and commandments of the Old Testament; how, after Jesus came and went, the Jews kept trying to add to the gospel to make it suffice (see Galatians 3), and how the early churches couldn’t fathom just how forgiven and righteous they really were with God, simply through their faith in Jesus (see Romans 5).

Like today’s churches, they thought there had to be more to it. “You can’t just believe in Jesus. No way!” This was their mindset (see Hebrews 10). Honestly, I’ve wanted to move on to something else I could learn about, including a deeper understanding of Islam, or something else I can incorporate into my ministry and books—something more broad and encouraging—something practical.

But no. God keeps telling me to learn about how we can’t earn anything—and that no law or command can be sprinkled in with the gospel at all (see James 2:10). He’s wanting me to know that absolutely everything is free because of His grace (see Ephesians 2:8,9). And once we simply believe that Jesus has forgiven us, we are not required to do anything else to be a Christian or to stay a Christian (no other hoops to jump through or charade to make, see Romans 10:9).

This has upset a lot of legalistic people. “Matt, you can’t tell everyone that all they have to do is believe. EVEN THE DEVIL BELIEVES!”

Yeah, that’s true, but the devil isn’t asking Jesus to forgive him or come into his heart, we are. Sure, the devil’s theology is correct, he knows the truth: Jesus is the Son of God—but, he is already damned to hell, we aren’t. We still have the option of believing in Him as our Savior. Satan has no interest in doing that, even though he believes. So we gotta stop using that verse (James 2:19) as our defense against faith alone to achieve salvation—it’s out of context and incorrect. It’s not applicable to this setting of receiving salvation, at all. Instead, it creates fear for new or weak believers in Christ.

When the gospel is completely undiluted—naked—all fear goes away because you realize God’s love for you in Christ is perfect! This is why John said there is no fear in God’s love, because fear has to do with punishment. That’s the reason why we don’t have to be afraid! It’s because we are not going to be eternally punished anymore for our sins! Jesus took them away for good! (See 1 John 4:18, Hebrews 9:28).

My goal is to get people to understand this, both believers and non-believers. The Christians who don’t fully “get” what Jesus has done—those who try to make people afraid—they can’t create fear in you any longer once you have invited Jesus into your heart. The Spirit of Christ in you cancels out all religious fear!

So if you have any fear about the permanence of your salvation after you’ve accepted Jesus’ forgiveness, that fear is not coming from God, but from the darkest pits of hell—DON’T BELIEVE IT! DON’T BE AFRAID!

His grace, which is now your lifeblood, saves you, empowers you, and supersedes everything in your life—even your future sins. “Future sins too?” Yes. The Bible says as long as Jesus lives, He is able to save us completely because we’ve become one with God through Him—and He isn’t dying again and again, up in heaven, each time we sin! Instead, Jesus has sat down in a place of rest—and He’s not making anymore sacrifices for our sins (see Hebrews 7:25, 10:12, 10:26).

Christ’s eternal saving ability, and our access to it by grace through faith in Him, makes the fear of hell and the fear of losing our salvation, go away despite the struggles we have with our un-renewed behaviors or attitudes which haven’t caught up to the truth of Jesus being in us.

Further, in regard to losing our salvation, the gospel makes known how impossible it is to lose such redemption once had. Ephesians, chapter 1, states that we’ve been “adopted into God’s own family,” and “marked with a seal until the day of redemption.”

When you get down to the brass tax, the actual Covenant in itself which saves us is between the Father and Jesus, it has nothing to do with us. We are simply the beneficiaries to that contract, and that contract was finalized with Jesus’ perfect blood at the Cross (see Hebrews 8:13, 9:22, John 19:30).

We didn’t create this Covenant through our behavior, and we don’t sustain this Covenant through our behavior. Instead, we simply open up our hands and receive it by believing in it as true for our sin. This is why you can’t lose your salvation once had, because if you could lose it, then it wasn’t really free in the first place. And if you could forfeit it, after you first believed you were forgiven, then the Father would be forfeiting His end of the deal with Jesus and breaking His own promises of not remembering our sins any more—and that, He will never do! (See Hebrews 8:12, 2 Timothy 2:13).

This is why God keeps bringing me back to the very thing which the law-based-teaching preachers, who can’t fathom grace by itself, keep getting mad at me about: No type of sin, Old Covenant commandment-breaking, or law-breaking, causes you to lose your seat in heaven. Jesus is holding your seat, He paid a very high price for that seat, and He ain’t letting anyone else sit in that seat! IT’S YOURS! We do NOTHING—in action—to get this! We only take it from Jesus by faith and say, “Thank you.” After that, we show Him how thankful we are by allowing Him to live through us.

So, what I’ve learned by going deep into the books of Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews, is this: OUR BEHAVIOR DOES NOT SAVE US—or keep us saved—in any way, shape, or form. And our behavior doesn’t make our saving any more legit. Only believing that Jesus has forgiven us of our sins—past, present, and future does…in full…once.

Do you believe that? Do you actually believe you have sin which needs to be forgiven? Do you believe Jesus doesn’t? Do you believe He is the Son of God, who died and rose again? Do you believe He has forgiven you of your sin? Yes? GOOD! Then you are a Christian! You are going to heaven and nobody can change that! Not even you!

My friend, today I want to encourage you to go deeper into your relationship with Jesus by removing any notion of fear. Rather it be the fear of not being good enough or the fear of losing your salvation, go deeper and begin to realize the truth: as a Christian you are good enough and it’s impossible to lose your salvation! I also want to encourage you to finally accept the fact that you are SPIRITUALLY PERFECT! Why? Because Jesus lives in your spirit! Once you realize this amazing truth, everything you do from here on out, you will be doing for one main reason, “Because I love God.” This is all He truly wants from you!

A prayer for you: Father, today I want to thank you for the revelation of your amazing grace. A grace so deep and wide, that nothing can override it—not even the sin of the whole world. I want to thank you for this grace of the Cross, and the grace of your New Agreement with Christ, which has saved me. THANK you, SO much. Right now, I lift up all who are reading this, directly to you. For those who don’t understand they can’t be un-saved, or un-born again, please, reveal this to their hearts. Reveal to them that we’ve been adopted into your Family, and you’ll never get rid of us—you love us too much to do so. Let them know that THIS is the truth which will finally set them free! Help them to realize they are exactly like you in spirit—because of Jesus—and let them feel the freedom found in not living by a single law, except one: To love you with everything they are, because they don’t have to. In Christ’s name I pray, amen.

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