Do All Things REALLY Work Out For Good?

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28, this is perhaps one of the most taken-out-of-context verses in the Bible. When you see it, it’s easy to get excited and say, “YEAH! OH YEAH! All things are working together for my good!” We do this all the time, and that’s fine. 

Besides John 3:16, this may be the most famous verse in the Bible. It’s also used a lot when trying to find comfort during very difficult times in our lives.

I even find myself quoting this particular verse to people who reach out to me for advice or prayer. Those who are facing heart-wrenching circumstances which seem insurmountable. Those who have been defeated in their souls by years of trouble and heartache, the people who have loved ones who refuse to turn their lives around, or those who are battling a sickness or addiction that is causing fear–I’ll quote this verse and say, “Everything is going to be okay. God works all things together for our good.”

And sure, we should be standing on the Word of God to overcome our unfair, grievous situations. However, we must ask ourselves, “Just how does everything work out together?”

This is the million dollar question. If this verse is true, and the Bible has zero lies, then why does it not always feel like this verse is really true? Why does it seem so often as if things are not working out together for our good?

To answer these questions we must do two things:

1. Define “good”
2. Look to the following verse, Romans 8:29

As a Christian, I know that Jesus is good! Sure, there are many other things and people which are good, but He is the only one who defines goodness in its purest form.

So we must replace the word “good” with “Christ,” in our hearts, and apply that to Romans 8:28. Let’s try  it out, “All things are working together for Jesus”…isn’t this starting to make sense? Somehow, some way, your difficult situation, or dealing with this difficult person, is creating something good–FOR JESUS! Either, later on down the road, for humanity as a whole–or IN us, right now, for our own benefit. And this is happening for who? For Christ!

My friend, if you want to fully enjoy your relationship with Jesus, you must begin to allow Him to renew your mind, and realize this:

This life is not about us. EVERYTHING is about Him. EVERYTHING. This life we live, it’s all about Jesus! We are simply supporting characters! He is the one who wins the Oscar for the leading role. It’s our job to make Him look good, through us! Our goal should now be to win our own Oscar for “Best Christ-Supporting Character.”


Next, let’s look at the following verse, Romans 8:29. In order to be able to fully enjoy what 8:28 says, always tag 8:29 on because it explains how all things are working together for good:

“For those God foreknew (that’s me and you–all of us) he also predestined (yes, God has a predestined perfect plan for your life all laid out–it’s up to you to step into this plan. How do you step into this plan? Let’s finish the verse —>) to be conformed to the likeness of his Son…” That’s the plan! TO BECOME LIKE HIS SON! JESUS! This is the “how” everything works together for good! BY CHANGING YOUR LIFE TO LOOK LIKE CHRIST’S!

So today my friends, please know this: Yes, all things do really work out for good! And God wants to bless you in an unfathomable way! But His blessings aren’t always in the form of easy living, everyone loving and appreciating you, or problem-free circumstances–no, they are usually poured out in much different ways…ways that you may not fully understand, just yet. God’s main blessing for your life is to do whatever He has to do to get you to rely on Him for everything through Jesus. That’s how all things work together for good! By allowing Jesus to live through you with His love, forgiveness, confidence, and unwavering hope, everything is always working out for good! In Him, we have a good, good, GOOOOOOOOOD life!

A prayer for you: Father, today I want to thank you for difficult trials. I know that it is in such times, ALL of my complete concentration is on you. So I’m grateful. Keep working everything out in my life for good! Right now, I lift up all who are reading this, directly to you. For the people who are really struggling to see how anything good can come out of their situation, help them. Through these trials, I ask that you begin to renew their minds and heal their souls. Give them a newfound peace and confidence in your loving grace! It is IN your grace that we find all the comfort and hope we need! And it is through our faith in Jesus that we have access to such amazing grace. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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