Does God Really Love Me?

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.”

Matthew 10:29

I love that verse above, “…yet not one of them (sparrows) fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.” When Jesus said this, something so simple, the way I began to look at the birds who fly around my neighborhood was forever changed.

I’d be out on my morning run and see a robin fly by and land on a tree branch, thinking to myself, “God knows about that SINGLE bird, and He cares for it. He actually cares for THAT particular bird.”

So amazing. So unfathomable. God is so big. He’s doing “all of this,” at once. And He doesn’t just know about that single bird in my subdivision’s oak tree, but He knows about the actual molecular structure of that bird, and He even causes that bird’s heart to beat… this was His idea.

Just think about that…He holds all of this together, all of it, all of us…everything.

The Bible says that we “live and move and have our being through Him” (Acts 17:28). Life would not be happening without God wanting it to happen, or without Him holding it all together.

And some critical people might say, “That’s great. God’s big. So what. Life still sucks.” Oh, but does it? What if this inconceivable God actually loved us? What if our Creator made all of this so that we could have a place to begin an actual, personal relationship with Him?

What if our Creator loved us so much that He would actually become a part of His very own creation? What if He joined us in playing by His own created rules, and did it perfectly for us? What if, just to be fair, He took on the very notion of pain for us, to help us? Even though He didn’t have to…

That, my friend, is was has happened, in Jesus Christ.

So why can’t we all just jump on in and enjoy this relationship with such a loving God? It’s because God has allowed a spiritual enemy to join us as well. “Well! Why would such a loving God do such a thing?”

To answer that question, let me ask you a question, this will help: Have you ever tried to force someone to love you?…How’d that work out? It doesn’t.

Forcing someone to love you is impossible. God knew this. He knew that a planet full of walking mannequins could not genuinely love Him, just the same as a sandbox full of army figurines can’t love the boy playing with them–they have to be alive.

So, He gives us the option to not love Him…so that we can choose to love Him.

So this fox in the hen-house, our enemy, the devil, Satan, Lucifer, idiot is what I like to call Him, is everything opposite of God. He has three main goals: Kill, steal, destroy (see John 10:10). Jesus said that he is the father of lies and that he doesn’t even have the ability to tell the truth (see John 8:44).

For me, once the Holy Spirit began to really point out this jack-wagon, He said, “Start fighting him, not people,” once I became obedient to that, my faith went to another level. I now knew what the wizard behind the curtain really looked like, and he is a weak old man, pressing buttons, trying to scare people and ruin their lives with loud noises and smoke.

The devil not only wants us to doubt God, but he wants us to resent him, ignore Him, be petrified of Him, feel condemned by Him, and…he wants us to believe that God does not love you.

“But Matt, how can God love me? I’ve done way too many things wrong in life for anyone to love me, let alone a perfect God.”

My friend, I’ve been there. I can remember the days where I just wanted to die. I had believed the lies of the devil in thinking that God was out to get me for my bad behavior and poor choices. I can remember even being afraid to pray! I’d squint, and say, “God, help me.”

I can remember thinking, “If I could JUST straighten my life out, THEN God would love me.” These are lies from our enemy, he fights us spiritually (see Ephesians 6). We must, we must begin to recognize that! God loves us as we are!

The Bible says that “God demonstrated His love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:9). Let me repeat that, WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS.

And how do you become a non-sinner? A saint? God has made that easy as well, though your faith in Jesus, that HE completed this task FOR you. “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

Once you confess that you actually need Jesus’ forgiveness and then believe that this is true, you are no longer a sinner. Instead, you are a co-heir with Christ! (See Romans 8:17). LET THAT SINK IN AND BELIEVE IT, BECAUSE IT’S TRUE!

You are “born again” spiritually (see John 3).

“But Matt, what if I don’t stop sinning 100%? Am I still saved?”

Well, did you stop sinning 100% to get saved?…No? Okay, so what did you do? You believed.

Friend, you didn’t earn this free gift of becoming like Christ, spiritually–it was a free gift from a loving God! (see Ephesians 2:8,9). God loved you so much, that He made a way for you to become like Him, in the easiest way possible…by faith.

This is the good news that upset the religious Pharisees so badly! This is what destroyed their egos!

God knows you will still sin, and make no mistake, He’s not okay with that. What He is looking for now is your attitude of constant admittance, and repentance of sin, and your level of love and respect for Jesus paying off your sin debt with the Father. Now, it’s all about your heart, not rules.

This is why Jesus said, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teachings” (John 14:23). 

We obey…why?…Because we love Jesus. This should be the bedrock, the very foundation of all you ever do in every aspect of your life! “I do, or I don’t do, because I love Jesus, that’s why.” Not to earn God’s love, or to keep it, but because I know I can’t lose it.

So today my friends, know this: Absolutely nothing can separate you from the love of God, which is found in Jesus Christ! (Romans 8:39). NOTHING MEANS NOTHING! Because of Jesus, not even your sin can separate you! He said so Himself, “Things that cause you to sin are bound to come” (see Luke 17:1). HOWEVER, Jesus now lives in us, giving us the power and grace to overcome those sins! But God loves us regardless! All of us. And He will continue to love us, forever, and ever, and ever, and…ever…


A prayer for you: Heavenly Father, there are a lot of people out there who don’t realize just how much you love them, they are scared of you. They’ve been incorrectly taught that your love is conditional. They’ve been taught to be petrified of you, rather than to love and respect you like we should a firm, caring parent. The enemy has also embedded tremendous guilt in their hearts. Many of them think that you have too much going on to get involved with their “small” problems, or that they have to behave better before you hear their prayers. They don’t realize that NOTHING is too big, or, too small for you, you’re God. Also, please teach them that you hear their prayers at all times, despite their behavior. Remove any religious spirit from their hearts that makes them think otherwise. I lift up all who are reading this who struggle with these things! BREAK THOSE CHAINS OF BONDAGE, CONDEMNATION, GUILT, AND FEAR! Right now, I DEMAND that Satan’s lies be revealed in their souls, and that you STRIKE HIM DOWN, in the name of Jesus! Make Him leave these people alone, and strengthen them on such a level that they would become warriors in your army, NO LONGER PASSIVE, BUT FIGHTING THROUGH YOUR GRACE! Teach them how to DEFEAT hell for a living! Teach them how to overcome evil with good, and hate with love! USE THEM FOR GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS! In Christ’s powerful name I pray, amen.

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