God Has a Ministry for You to Start!

God Has a Ministry for You to Start!

“For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.”

Romans 11:29

There is a ministry inside of you, something that only you can do. Ministries are not bound to the four walls of a church building, but instead, they’re walking all over this planet…everywhere. Let me explain how to unlock your ministry.

There’s a show I like to watch specifically for the testimonials. Drug dealers, prostitutes, prison inmates, legalistic preachers, cheating spouses, so on and so forth–the stories these people tell about redemption in Christ are amazing! But what I’ve noticed over the years is that each of them now have a ministry, a personal ministry.

Sure, some of them have become pastors and evangelists, and that’s great! But most of them are regular folk just living out their lives, only now they’re making an impact for God through their past!

As I watched the show one day, there was a man who was caught up in the street life. He was selling drugs, gang banging, and whatnot, but then he had an encounter with Christ! He now has a ministry directed toward helping others get out of that lifestyle! How? By pointing them to Jesus and using his own past for his purpose! None of it was wasted!

Another testimonial was about a man in prison who was ready to commit suicide, and guess what? He had an encounter with Christ! What resulted was a ministry for those dealing with the same struggles–a ministry birthed in a prison cell! The Prophet Isaiah was right when he said, “His ways are not like our ways” (see Isaiah 55:8).

I’ve also watched a former director of porn movies speak about his past; he had actually been attacked by demons while living that life, but God saved him! Now he reaches out to those stuck in the porn industry–a ministry started in filth!

Another one: A man and a woman who were both incarcerated. While in prison, a little Christian lady with an English accent helped them come to know Jesus through her non-judgmental kindness–the prison chaplain. This couple got married after they got out. So moved by the chaplain’s sweet soul, they started a transitional house for newly released inmates and named it after her! Another ministry! Boom baby!

I’ve also witnessed a stripper who was just about to give up on life, but her mom had become a Christian. Inspired by her mother’s amazing life-change, she too came to know Jesus! This lady now has a ministry that reaches out to women who are caught up in the stripper life!

C’MON SOMEBODY! IS ANYONE OUT THERE TODAY?! CAN YOU FEEEEEEEL IT?! God uses what was meant for our harm for our testimonies! You didn’t go through that stuff for no reason! It happened so you can help others with it! Don’t sit still any longer! There’s no pressure on you, but God in you is active! Your hands, feet, mind and mouth, God wants to use!

Does He need us? No! He’s God! The Bible says He needs nothing from man and that He’s not served by human hands (see Acts 17:25). But He uses us to accomplish His plans! We work with God through our own free will which is inspired by God from within! It is symbiotic! (See Philippians 2:13).

So many ministries! So many different types of people! So many ways God recycles our junky past into beautiful things! Is this not exciting?! I’ll answer that–YES! YES IT IS! The hope that God gives us is very exciting! The partnership we have with Him motivates us! We have God Almighty in our beings! How can we not do great things?!

Friend, God wants to use what you’ve been through as well. Yes, you. Those gifts on the inside are irrevocable, they’ve been specially designed and placed in your soul by God Himself (see Romans 11:29, Psalm 139:13). There is something about you which is very rare to this planet–something extremely unique.

Only you have been through what you’ve been through. Only you have what God has placed inside you. Therefore, only you can do what you do! The enemy will lie to you about this, the unrenewed parts of your thinking will buck up–but you, you want this!

God is not looking for you to be like someone else. Yes, we all get inspired and encouraged by others. Yes, the same Spirit is connected to every saint. But you, my friend, are special. Nobody will ever be you and that’s exactly how God wanted it!

Your ministry could be motherhood, it could be driving a trash truck, running a barbershop, or waiting tables–just be yourself. It could be reaching out to heroin addicts because God saved you as you almost died with a needle in your arm–just be yourself!

Your ministry could be a voice for the unborn children who are killed each day. You were nearly aborted and it didn’t work! Encouragement and counsel for married couples who are about to give up, this could be your ministry. You’ve been through it and God taught you the secret strength of a happy marriage: a strand of three.

You could have dealt with legalism and two-timing talk from preachers, even to the point of severe rage. Yet God revealed His authentic grace and your true identity as His child! You now have the ability to douse the flames caused by New and Old Covenant mixtures, with grace. You can teach frustrated Christians the truth of who they really are–spiritually perfect saints!

So today, my friends, know this: Your life is a ministry! You have something in you that God wants to get out of you which will change this planet for the better! How do you do this? Shockingly, all you have to do is be yourself. That is, if you believe Christ is your Savior! If you don’t yet believe, now is your chance. Believe, be saved, and change the world!

A prayer for you: Good morning, Heavenly Father. Thank you for another day! Thank you for life! What an honor! Right now, I lift up all who are reading this, directly to you. For those who want to begin their own personal ministry, teach them that all they have to do is live OUT who you’ve already made them to be. Ease their minds as they begin to take steps forward into new endeavors, choices, relationships, and ideas! In Jesus’ name I pray, amen. 

This devotional is from 60 Days for Jesus, Volume 2. Get your copy here

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