Jesus Will Never Reject You – EVER!

“…whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” ~Jesus

John 6:37

Can you repeat that opening verse with me? Only this time, I want you to picture Jesus looking directly at you as He says it:

“Whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”

Whoever means whoever!

So let’s do it again:

“If you, ______________ (insert full name here), come to me, I will never drive you away.”

YOU are a whoever! YEAH! You really are! “But Matt, what about this about me—” “NOPE!” Remove that thinking from your mind! You’ve been taught wrong! Jesus’ love for you is not conditional! Once you accept His forgiveness by simply believing it as the truth for your sin, even you can’t stop this! (See 2 Timothy 2:13).

No matter what it is about you—as long as you believe in Him as your Savior, ONE TIME—as in, the first time—Jesus will never reject you, never abandon you, and He will never remove His love from you—NO MATTER WHAT! Friend, He loved you before you were even forgiven, He even had a good plan for you then (see Romans 5:8). So how much more do you think He will take care of you now that you are a joint-heir to heaven with Him? (See Romans 8:17).

The fact is this: You can’t wear out the blood of Jesus, the Cross actually worked! As long as Jesus lives, this promise of His (which is heaven, and His unconditional love for us, here on earth) stays in effect! (See Hebrews 7:25). Oh my goodness, when I first grasped this amazing truth, I thought I was going to explode!

I thought, “You mean…you still love me despite my alcoholism? You still care for me despite my difficulty to forgive? Despite my bursts of anger? Despite my greed? You mean to tell me that I don’t have to be completely perfect in word or deed before you will accept me? REALLY?! How can that be?!”

Jesus spoke to my heart, “Because I finished everything for you.” This love is what will change you, not more rules, not more religion, but understanding that what we do means nothing compared to what Christ has done. That’s it. I finally found it—what we are all looking for—an actual relationship with God! That’s what Jesus provides! And just why does He allow it to be so simple to have access to God? So completely different than what many Christians say?

Because so many Christians don’t understand God’s grace. Because once you realize you can’t do anything to lose His love, you actually begin to care for Him. You actually begin to put His feelings first. He begins to matter.

Soon enough, what matters to Him, matters to you. Only then will you start to change everything, and for the right reasons; it’s all because you know He loves you 100% unconditionally and without limit—and why would you want to abuse that? Why would you want to take advantage of such love…You don’t.

We change for Jesus because we know that He loves us even if we never change. In turn, this creates a new, deep love for Him which empowers us to do whatever it is He is asking us to do—despite the cost. We no longer care about sex, money, our reputation, making sure we “feel good” all the time, or appeasing others to gain their approval—whether in the religious or secular community, it does not matter. Instead, we care about what Jesus cares about, which is loving God with all of our heart, body, and soul—and loving people as we love ourselves. And we learn to love ourselves by coming to understand Jesus’ unconditional love for us; a love so deep, we can’t ever lose it.

This is why Jesus wants you to come to Him as you are! He will never, ever, EVER reject you! As I’ve personally done this, (kept coming to Him despite my failures, rather than be afraid of Him), and the years have gone by, what I’ve soon found out was that the root of my problem of drinking wasn’t even drinking in itself! Drinking too much too often as a form of a stress-reliever was just a fruit grown in my life, from another deep issue I was having, which could only be fixed by Christ—codependency.

The major problem with codependency is you do not love yourself like Jesus does. You think you have to have the love of another person—despite the cost of what they are doing to you. In turn, you allow such people to get away with things that they shouldn’t be getting away with just to make sure they don’t reject you, cause you major problems, or leave you altogether.

I drank to cover that issue up. What I should have been doing is finding my identity in Christ’s unconditional love for me, establishing healthy boundaries which needed to be respected, and then enforcing those boundaries with love, respect, and an even-temper.

It wasn’t only my drinking which caused me so many problems—that action was just a fruit which grew in my life from codependency (among many other things in my soul that had to be purged out by the Holy Spirit). WHAT I HAD TO DO WAS DIG UP THE ROOT AND PLANT NEW SEEDS!

I take full responsibility for the poor choices I made while drinking, however, the root of my drinking was deeply imbedded in my severe case of codependency.

If you’re not familiar with what codependency is, simply put, it’s a disease of the soul. It’s a part of our mindset which must be renewed by Christ! An example of codependency is:

Allowing unacceptable behavior from others, as if it’s normal, just to keep them in your life. Codependent people hesitate to stand up to them, or rock the boat, because of what they will DO to them; that is, the aggression they will have to face by saying the other person’s actions is causing them severe pain.


I’m very thankful to God that He has opened up my eyes to this demonic cycle. In certain relationships I allowed very poor treatment to happen to me, and I just swept it under a Christian-rug or ignored it altogether. That, or I put some legalistic whipped-cream on it and forced myself to eat it. I had become a frustrated, drunk door-mat, with a short fuse, all because I wouldn’t stand up to those who refused to make healthy changes for the benefit of our relationship–or do so in the proper manner. Rather than deal with unacceptable treatment in a normal way, I turned it inward. To make matters worse, I kept numbing those feelings with booze. Once I got sober, I kept trying to continue to ignore unacceptable behavior from others, and God wouldn’t let me!

He said “No, you need to confront this.”

“BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW! Why don’t you just change them?! You can do anything!”

He replied, “I don’t change people. I give them the opportunity to change, but they still have to choose it.”

“Well…alright, then you are gonna have to give me the strength and grace to pull this off because I don’t have it in me.”

He did, and He continues to. 

As I’ve kept praying for wisdom about how to deal with codependent situations, God has lead me to books and teachers on codependency, and how to defeat it. He’s taught me how to recover from this crippling soul disease, just like He did with my problem drinking. He’s given me new skills, and I’m grateful.

But this epiphany came out of the original realization that Jesus loves me no matter what—that He will never drive me away! It was that fact, that undying love, which set me on this new path. It wasn’t my “trying harder” not to sin, it was me continuing to go to Christ knowing that I was loved despite my sin. We find rest in learning that Jesus will never reject us…a rest for your soul. So even if people reject you, He never will.

So today, my friends, know this: Whatever it is you are struggling with, and I mean WHATEVER, go to Jesus. I didn’t say stop struggling, then go to Jesus. I’m saying GO TO JESUS AS YOU ARE! The stopping of whatever you are struggling with is just the beginning! He won’t reject you for it! SO GO! GO! GO! Go to Him! STOP WAITING TO STRAIGHTEN UP FIRST! Stop waiting to have “proof” for Him that you’re a “good Christian”—HE WANTS YOU IN THE RAW! This is where your new life begins!

He takes that grit, grime, and dirt, shines it up, reshapes it, and molds it into something beautiful! You’ll soon realize that even as He continues to form you into His image, AND IT HURTS SO BAD, it still feels heavenly. The reason why is because you are attaining the full measure of your faith: Becoming like Christ through pain.

A prayer for you: God I want to thank you today for my transparency. Sometimes I look at the stuff you tell me to write about, and I’m like, “Who is that person? How does he say such private things about himself?” It’s almost an out-of-body experience as you humble me enough to tell my story in order to help those who are struggling with the same things. Keep doing it. Keep making me into who you want me to be. Right now, I lift up all who are reading this, directly to you. For those who are struggling with guilt, shame, and condemnation, help them to feel your deep, unconditional love–a love which will never reject them no matter what. Give them that extra BOOST today! Give them a brand new PASSION and ENTHUSIASM for you! Help them to come to you as they are, and simply say, “Help me.” I know you will, as you did it for me! Amen.

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