The Purpose of Pain

The Purpose of Pain

Since we all live on planet earth, we all will be affected by pain. No man, woman, or child is immune. As Christians, we have an advantage when dealing with pain because we have the Omnipotent One inside our very own spirits. When it feels as if our chest will burst because our agony is so great, Christ in us assures us: “I’m here. I’m with you. I know it hurts but I’m using this for a great, future purpose. Be patient and continue to be yourself. This won’t last forever but our relationship will.”

The power of sin, as well as the enemy, want us to respond to pain with fear or sin. However, neither match up with our spiritual perfection so choosing to act on such will result in lifeless, flash-in-the-pan vapors.

If we’ll choose to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and walk by our true self, therefore refusing to freak out to pain in a fearful or sinful manner, the power of sin and demonic forces will try to trick us in a different way: “You’re a failure! Just look at you! All that pain and none of your prayers, forgiveness, or good works does anything to remove it! God doesn’t love you! If He did, you wouldn’t be going through this! Just give in and ________________!” (Insert your fear or sin).

Friend, the purpose of pain is to get us to focus on Jesus’ unconditional love and never-ending commitment to us. The purpose of pain is to get us to remember our true identity as saints. We are holy people, Christian. The purpose of pain is to recenter our prayers and trust onto our loving Heavenly Father. The purpose of pain is to purge out the goodness inside of us so it can impact those around us.

Through pain our love can be exposed in great ways. For proof of this, picture Jesus hanging on the Cross. That same love is now inside of you, dear believer. You’ve been born again with the same supernatural genetic structure as the Son of God.

Pain is never what we want but it’s inevitable until we shed this shell and get a new one. Experiencing pain builds our testimony. Experiencing pain makes us relatable. Our greatest lessons of life are learned through pain. Don’t be afraid as you experience it! God is strengthening you in your pain, not causing it! He’s the Comforter, not the devil! He’s for you, not against you! He uses all things together, the pain of the entire world, for a wonderful, eternal purpose!

2 Corinthians 12:8-10, Hebrews 12:2-4, Jeremiah 29:11, Revelation 21:4

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