What Is Your Story?

“I have testimony weightier than that of John. For the works that the Father has given me to finish—the very works that I am doing—testify that the Father has sent me. And the Father who sent me has himself testified concerning me…” ~Jesus

John 5:36,37

We all have a story to tell, it’s just, some of us never tell it. Either because we are ashamed of it, embarrassed by it, or because the plans for our story didn’t pan out how we wanted them to, we hide it. But all of us have a story to tell–our story is our testimony.

The most important testimony of all time is Jesus’. His testimony changed eternity.

But just imagine if Jesus stayed quiet and never told His story? What if He knew what His mission was, but yet, He didn’t speak about it, didn’t teach people, or what if He refused to tell the world about His true identity? What if He simply went to the Cross, with no explanation?…We would have no clue about what He expected from us after He left. We wouldn’t even have the opportunity to believe.

So half of our salvation is found in the words Jesus spoke. Our saving is one-half Cross, one-half Word. We needed Jesus to speak! Without it, there would be no truth. That’s why Jesus said, “I am the truth” (see John 14:6, my emphasis added). And without Christ’s truth through His words, we would have no blueprint for our lives. 

This is why we need YOUR story! Yes, YOURS! YOU! DEAR READER! WE NEED YOU! We don’t need more fake-happy pictures on social media, we need some grit! We need some dirt! We need knees bending and index fingers pointing up! STORIES! TESTIMONIES! We need them! We need to know what Jesus has done for you–and, what He is currently doing! We need your testimony!

Are you a Christian? THEN SPEAK UP! Why would you just keep everything to yourself? Is it because you are stuck in a sin pattern? SO WHAT! SPEAK! How do you think you will ever break free?! It is when we bring out darkness into the light, we can finally get set free!

Are you not sharing your testimony because your meticulously-laid plans fell through? Or is it because someone has attempted to ruin your life, and now you are heartbroken?! THAT’S OKAY! SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT! HOW DO YOU THINK YOU WILL EVER HEAL?! Where do you think your newfound confidence will come from?! IT WON’T BE BY YOUR OWN MAKING!


We need you to speak! Christ lives in you, and YES, you are going to heaven because you believe He is your Savior, but now He wants you to USE YOUR VOICE FOR HIM–right here, right now! Your life doesn’t have to be perfect before you start to do this!

My friend, don’t waste your story. The Bible says that we overcome the power of the enemy through the blood of Christ and our testimony (see Revelation 12:11), it’s both. So when you keep your story to yourself, you are giving the devil his way–you are allowing Him to keep you shut up.

WHY NOT SMACK HIM IN THE MOUTH?! WHY NOT TALK ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON? Why not talk about what’s going on, or what has been going on? Why not show other people that just because you are a Christian, everything isn’t always perfect or easy, but instead, everything is always being paid close attention to by our loving Heavenly Father?

Why not? I mean, after all, He is working all things out together for our good, anyway? (See Romans 8:28).

What are you doing? What are you waiting for? Everything to line up before you start to use your testimony to help others? Sure, you may enjoy seasons of ease and blessings, but nothing will be perfect until you shed this shell–SO TELL YOUR STORY AS IT IS. Has an unloving Christian told you to keep your mouth shut until you straighten out your life? They can shove that junk in their pipe and smoke it because that is not how this works!

Everything in your life doesn’t have to be perfect before you become vocal about your past, or even your current struggles. Instead, please begin to understand that Jesus is your perfection–you don’t have to be, and neither do your circumstances! Remember, it is in your weakness that you become strong! (See 2 Corinthians 12:10). It is in your testimony that you can help other people see that it is Christ holding everything together–it’s not what you do, but what He has already done!

Please. Speak. UP.

Tell your story. We need it. There is someone out there right now, who is waiting for it. Your testimony about what Jesus has done in your life is the key to unlocking the strength they are looking for. Your story is what will show them what confidence in Christ looks like. Be brave. Begin to tell your story, today.

A prayer for you: Good morning, God. Thank you for another day alive! What an honor it is to have life! Today, I want to thank you for giving me the courage to share my life’s testimony like I do. People ask me sometimes, “How do you say all that personal stuff?” And honestly, I don’t know. My answer is usually, “Jesus wants me to be salt and light, so that’s what I’m doing.” I know He’s using it! Right now, I lift up all who are reading this, directly to you. For those who are on the fence about telling their story, please pull them off. Once they fall into Jesus, they’ll begin to understand that they don’t have to look perfect, but instead, they simply have to point to Christ as their perfection! Help them to exude your love, hope, peace, and CONFIDENCE as they begin to tell their story with absolutely bravery! In Christ’s awesome name I pray. Amen.

This devotional is from 60 Days For Jesus, Volume 2. Get your copy here!

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